Hawassa University (HwU)

Hawassa University was first established in   1976 as a college of Agriculture, and it is located in South Ethiopia ca. 275km from the capital, Addis Ababa. In 2000 the college was upgraded to what was then called Debub University by merging three different colleges. In 2006 Debub University changed name to Hawassa University. Currently, Hawassa University is organized in four campuses that constitute more than 30 academic departments offering 57 degree and 19 graduate programs. The University has more than 25,000 students and 3, 000 staff. The university is undertaking some research and development projects. However, the research and education lack interdisciplinarity.    

a) Role in the project:

Hawassa University will be the overall project coordinator (fund transfer, follow up of activities, compiling and submitting reports to the donor, facilitating project monitoring and evaluation, and facilitating mobility of partners) . All the applying institutions (Hawassa, Mekelle and Kordofan universities plus UMB now NMBU, Norway) will take part in the project implementation, and monitoring and evaluation. All partner institutions will be responsible for site selection; resources mobilization; and execution of research, development and capacity building activities.

b) Resources available:

Hawassa University has more than 3,000 employees. The university has moderately equipped laboratories in the fields of physical and biological sciences. It has chicken husbandry stables, abattoir, greenhouse facilities, research and farm centers, one teaching-referral hospital, one teaching hotel, IT centers, OPAC library system, and seven studios for video conferencing. The University is also establishing biotechnology and food science laboratories in partnership with collaborating organizations. It provides offices and IT facilities to its employees and guests.

C) Competence and qualifications:

Hawassa university has capable, dedicated and self-motivated staff; and diversified fields of specialization (Agriculture, Governance, Social sciences, Law, Engineering, Human and Veterinary medicine, Education, Natural resources management and Forestry, Business and Economics, Linguistics and Anthropology). The university has good research and teaching experiences in agriculture, natural resources and forestry, and socioeconomics. It is capable of working under difficult conditions. It has healthy working relationship, and strong human resource and financial management system. Besides, Hawassa University has anticorruption office to ensure transparency in the university system.

d) Experience from the geographical area concerned:

Hawassa University is located in South Ethiopia, a region rich in agro-ecological, biological, physical, cultural and ethnic diversity. Owing to this, South Ethiopia is considered as ideal place for research and development endeavors. Besides, Hawassa University has accumulated experiences needed for the successful implementation of the currently proposed project activities.

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