Mekelle University (MU)

Mekelle University is one of the public higher learning institutions in Ethiopia. The university was established in 1993 as a College of Dryland Agriculture and Natural Resources. It is located in North Ethiopia ca. 777km from the capital, Addis Ababa. Currently, the university has 7 colleges and 8 Institutes running over 53 B.Sc., 27 MA/M.Sc. and three PhD programs.

The University has 28,355 students in both its regular and in-service programs. Mekelle University employees 4022 staff of which 1648 are academic and the 2374 are support.

a) role in the project:

Mekelle University is the second Ethiopian partner to the project with overall responsibility of implementing the activities in the northern Ethiopia region and hosting M.Sc. and PhD students in the relevant programs to the project. The University will provide the administrative and technical support towards realization of the project objectives and outcomes. The university is responsible for site selection; resources mobilization; and execution of research, development and capacity building activities in the northern Ethiopia.

b) resources available:

Mekelle University has more than 4000 employees of which about 1700 are academic staff. The University, particularly the college of Agriculture, has laboratories for soil chemistry and physics, water, plant protection, molecular biology, microbiology and related areas. It has crop, horticulture, dairy and poultry farms which can be used for the research. It has collaborating communities and research sites for field research activities. The College has basic IT and conferencing facilities.

C) competence and qualifications:

Mekelle University has multidisciplinary programs organized in 7 colleges and 8 institutions running over 50 B.Sc., 27 M.A./M.Sc. and three PhD programs. The programs include Dryland Agriculture, Forestry Natural Resources and Environment, Natural Sciences, Business and Economics, and Social Sciences and Humanities. It has capable and rededicated staff running the academic, research and community services of the various programs. The university has been widely involved in research and community services in dryland agriculture, natural resources management, Dryland forestry, water management and socioeconomic studies in multidisciplinary settings. The University has strong human resource and financial management systems which have been supporting its academic and research activities.   The university has anticorruption office to ensure transparency.

The college of Dryland Agriculture and Natural Resources is one of the strong wings of the University hosting 18B.Sc, 7M.Sc. and two PhD programs. It has 120 academic and research staff on duty of which 24 are with PhD and 85 with M.Sc.

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