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Wondo Genet College of Forestry and Natural Resources

Welcome to Hawassa University Wondo Genet College of Forestry and Natural Resources!

School of Forestry - 3. Forest Products Management and Utilization (FpMU)

  1. 3.      Forest Products Management and Utilization (FpMU)


To produce and transmit knowledge about the processing, management, and utilization of timber and non-timber forest products to all stakeholders/customers; to support the growing wood and non-wood industries by supplying knowledge and skill in their production processes; and to play a role in the improvement of the livelihood of the people by improving the management and utilization of timber and non-timber forest products at local, regional, and national level.


To see enable graduates to face and solve complex problems in forestry and forest industries to ensure the sustainable utilization and development of forest resources in conjunction with environmental protection.

Educational Objectives

  • contribute to the national development goals of poverty alleviation and increased food security by increasing the opportunities for forest-based income generating activities;
  • maximize the contribution of the forestry sector to income, employment and trade through the development of appropriate wood processing activities
  • ensure that forestry development contributes to national development goals and international commitments (including regional cooperation and trans-boundary issues) and is coordinated with other relevant branches of government and
  • ensure that activities in the forestry sector (plantation development, harvesting, forest products management, processing of timber and non timber forest products, and industrial development) are based on sound scientific and technical principles


Up on the completion of the study program graduates should be able to:

  • Understand the principles and basic concepts of forestry science
  • Establish and manage forest plantations
  • Measure tree and forest resources
  • Understand the physical, chemical, and mechanical properties of wood
  • Identify, manage, harvest and process non-timber forest products
  • process wood and efficiently utilize wood products
  • Plan and manage forest business and promote entrepreneurship
  • Analyze the economic contribution of forests and forest products
  • Plan, execute, monitor and evaluate forest enterprises
  • Involve in forestry research activities
  • Communicate the knowledge and skill acquired to society at large

Community Service and Extracurricular Activities

Besides providing trainings on the regular academic programs, the School of Forestry involving in short term job trainings as of the demands from different government and non-government organizations. The academic unit also has a close relationship with Nature and Environmental club in the college. Together with the club, during the international Earth day, climate change awareness and tree planting have been organized.

Moreover, the School has planned to perform various activities related to forestry development and watershed management to serve the nearby local communities through: research, capacity building programs on tree selection and planting, soil conservation, and etc. to the local community, working with regional government and nongovernment organizations in the issue of developing model community forestry sites that may support  them as well as the teaching-learning- research activities of the college, and strengthen the nature and environment al club of the college to engage in various natural resource activities.

Staffs Profile

Currently the academic staff of the School is composed of professionals with the following qualifications; ten (10) with PhD, twenty one (21) Msc, five (5) with Bsc Degrees. Some of the academic staff members are on study leaves accordingly, seven (7) for PhD and twenty one (21) for MSc Degrees.